Kathleen A. Clingan


   Kathleen A. Clingan Location
   40 N. Pennsylvania Ave.  
   Greensburg, PA 15601   Courthouse Square Extension
Deputy Administrator
   Austin Breegle   breegla@westmoreland.swsix.com
Fiscal Officer III
    Lauren Mudge   mudgel@westmoreland.swsix.com
Administrative Assistant
    Wanda Hughes   hughesw@westmoreland.swsix.com
     Monday through Friday    Closed Courthouse Holidays
     8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.  
Phone Numbers
     Main Office    (724) 830-3617
     FAX    (724) 830-3571
     24 Hour Crisis Hotline    1-800-836-6010
  Westmoreland County Helpline
       Information & Referral    1-800-222-8848
  Base Service Unit
      Westmoreland Casemanagement & Supports    1-800-353-6467
  Health Choices Managed Care Program
       Value Behavioral Health-PA    1-877-688-5977 (Toll-free)


      It is the mission of the Westmoreland County Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MH/MR) Program to provide quality services for individuals who have a mental disability or problem, in the least restrictive manner. The overall goal is to help each individual to live and function as independently as possible in the community while maintaining the utmost in pride of self, freedom, and quality of life.

  Obtain sufficient Federal, State, and County funds to maintain services and expand services in accordance with community needs.
  Insure that mandated Mental Health and Mental Retardation services are provided to the citizens of Westmoreland County.
  Encourage service providers to make maximum use of all funding sources.
  Provide administrative support and leadership to local providers of service for fiscal, personnel, evaluation, planning, and operational procedures.
  Seek input from the community on a regular basis to ensure that MH/MR services are responsive to local needs.
  Maintain communication with the MH/MR Advisory Board, state and regional Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse (OMHSAS) and Office of Mental Retardation (OMR), local providers, community agencies, advocates, elected officials, and interested citizens.
  Seek contracts with responsible, high quality providers of service.
  Provide information and referral to the community.
  Operate emergency commitment service.
  Ensure sufficient and competent personnel are available to carry out County MH/MR office functions.

Services Provided
  Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
  Case Management Services
  Community Residential Programs
  Community Services
  Crisis Intervention/Emergency Services
  Drop-In Centers
  Family-Based Mental Health Services
  Family Support Services
  Housing Support Services
  Inpatient Hospitalization
  Outpatient Services
  Partial Hospitalization Programs
  School Based Mental Health Services
  Student Assistant Program
  Social Rehabilitation Programs
  Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Employment Requirements and Opportunities
      Usual positions hired at this office are: program specialists, fiscal techs, clerical and administrative. Employees are hired through the State Civil Service Commission. A list of available positions and an application for testing can be obtained through your local Department of Labor and Industry, 599 Sells Lane, Greensburg, PA 15601. Phone: (724)832-5300 or by contacting the State Civil Service Commission Pittsburgh: (412)565-7666 or Harrisburg: (215)560-2253.

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