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       The Westmoreland County Prison, located in Hempfield Township near Greensburg, Pennsylvania is a maximum security institution. The institution employs direct supervision management of the inmate population. The institution opened its doors on March 20, 1993 at a cost of 32 million dollars.


     Security was among the primary interest and goal in the design and construction of this facility. Inmates will have minimum movement from their housing unit as activities such as indoor and outdoor exercise, dining, laundry services, commissary, and counseling services are provided within each individual housing unit. Inmates will only be permitted to leave their housing unit for activities such as library/law library, visitation, medical services, special programs, and for court appearances.


     Special in-house programs will be available to interested inmates. These programs will include but may not be limited to Alcohol Anonymous, Parents Anonymous, General Education Development, Parenting Program, Church Services, Bible Study, and Drug Counseling.


  Prison Board:
Tom Ceraso, Commissioner, Chairman of Prison Board
Tom Balya, Commissioner
P. Scott Conner, Commissioner
Chris Scherer, Sheriff
John Peck, Jr., District Attorney
Jeff Pavetti, Controller

Westmoreland County Prison
3000 South Grande Blvd
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: 724-830-6000
Fax: 724-830-6006