Chris Scherer

Sheriff, Westmoreland County

   Chris Scherer Location
   Westmoreland County Courthouse Basement
   2 N. Main Street  
   Greensburg, PA 15601  
    Monday-Friday   Phone (724)830-3822
    8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.   or 1-800-442-6926
    Westmoreland County Court Holidays   FAX (724)830-3660
  All business after regular hours is conducted by on call, second shift, and night court deputy sheriffs.


  Provide security for the Criminal, Domestic, and Juvenile Courts.
  Provide prisoner transportation to and from state and local institutions.
  Service of civil process, consisting of writs, complaints, subpoenas, and court orders.
  Issue firearms protection permits, gun dealers license, and precious metals license.
  Execute criminal, domestic, juvenile, and foreign bench warrants.
  Conduct sheriff sales of personal property and real estate.
  D.U.I. checkpoints and roving patrols.
  Extraditions of wanted criminals that are located outside the state.
  Service of protection from abuse orders.
  Confiscation of weapons relating to protection from abuse orders. The sheriff's office is the central depository for weapons confiscated due to domestic violence cases.

      Bench Warrant Information

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