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This area will allow you to search the civil court records by:
Party Name, Case Number or Date.

When using the Search by Party Name enter the last name OR the last name followed by first name separated by a comma and a blank space as explained below. Do not include the suffix such as Jr., Sr., III, etc in the search.

Search by Party Name

Use 'Sounds Like' Searching?
  Examples of Name Searches:
        last name, first name
        Smith, John   NOT  John, Smith
        SMITH, JOHN
        last name
    *** Business Names
        State Farm
        General Motors
Note: If the last name or business name contains an apostrophe ( ' ) , it will be automatically replaced with double apostrophes ( '' ) for performing the search. Please ignore the change in the search string.
Search by Case Number:  
  Examples of Case Searches:

Search by Case Date:
Beginning DateEnding Date
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